Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Tractors

A large choice of Iskra starter motors is produced again in specific families designed for use on all types of internal combustion engines from 0.8 to 17 litre capacity.

The Iskra starter motor range covers all types of vehicles including cars, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, tractors, etc. Power output ranges from .8Kw to 5Kw at 12v and 1.4Kw to 7.5Kw at 24 volts.

The design of the Iskra starter motor also varies from conventionally wound field coil, direct driven units to permanent magnet reduction gear with soft start operation.

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Picture of Starter Motors

Diagram of a Starter Motor with nose
  1. Drive end bracket
  2. Drive assembly
  3. Engaging Lever
  4. Reduction Gear
  5. Starter Switch
  6. Stator
  7. Armature
  8. Brush Holder
  9. Commutator end bracket
  10. Gasket
  11. Bearing
  12. Soft start relay (option)
Diagram of a Starter Motor without nose